Class F2/Y1T

Autumn Term  - 2018



We hope all our children and parents have had a wonderful week off during our half term break. We can’t wait to hear all the stories about what our children have got up to during their time off.

Our new topic for Autumn Term 2 this year is ‘Transport’. We are going to begin by having a whole class circle time to discuss what they already know about transport. We will begin to create a mind-map of what they know already and find out from the children what they want to learn so we can tailor our lessons around our children’s interests. We will also be discussing ‘People who help us’ during this topic, especially Lollipop ladies/men who help us cross roads safely. The staff here at Castle Hills love Autumn 2 because it is also the run up to Christmas. During this term we will be practising our Christmas Nativity. This year we will be performing ‘Shine Star, Shine.’ The songs for our nativity are posted below so that you at home can practise with the children.

In literacy this term we will be focusing on our initial sounds in words and attempting to write CVC words. In maths we will be continuing with our number work, focusing on our numbers from 1-20. We will begin to look at adding and subtracting two single-digit numbers. In science this term, we are going to be learning about different forces of motions such as push and pulls. This will help us when we begin creating our own vehicles in our ‘Arts and Design’ lessons!  PE will continue to be on a Tuesday afternoon and we are focusing on our throwing and catching skills.

Children are expected to bring their PE kit each week and leave it in school until the end of the week. Children will be given a Topic homework menu, where you need to pick at least one activity per week and any additional work will be further rewarded with a spot on their own personalised Super Hero. When the children get six spots they can choose a prize.  They need to read at least five times a week to achieve the ‘In it to Win Reward’ half termly and at the end of the year the ‘Always Trip’.


Miss Tims

            & Mrs Jackson

We have an open door policy, if you wish to speak to us about anything then please do not hesitate to contact us. Please feel free to leave a comment for us at the bottom our page, where it will be gratefully received, thank you.

Any support, access to books, the internet and trips out will greatly enhance your child’s learning experience and engagement in the topics.  All seven areas of learning will be covered using this term's themes and following the children’s interests.

Please use the links below to see our Curriculum Map and Information booklet

     Curriculum Map - Transport - Aut 2.pdf                      info booklet F2



Miss Tims Personal Profile Coming Soon.....


Our Christma Production

'Shine Star, Shine'

Below are our songs we are practising for the Christmas Production,

hope you have fun learning your child the words.

Song 1 'The Big Star'

Song 2 'A Baby is Going to be Born'

Song 3 'Too Dark'

Song 4 'Hey Star'

Song 5 'Shine Star, Shine'

Song 6 'Far Below'

Song 7 'Hallelujah'