REST (Business Development, Finance & facilities 

Human resources Development & Safety)

 CAST (Standards, strategy and Performance

Student Well being)

Ms J Gravells (Chair)

Mrs S McBride

Mr N Phillips

Miss V Parkin

Mr J Vedder

Mrs L Hempshall



Ms J Gravells

Mrs S McBride

Mr D Kent

Mr N Harris

Mrs R Savage

Mr M Marsh


Composition of Governing Body at Castle Hills Primary September 2015

Governor Name Specialisms Linked to

Ms J Gravells (Chair)

(Community 1)

  1. Headteacher Performance Management
  2. Pay Review Appeal Committee
  3. Pupil Premium (SC) Link
  4. Curriculum (CH/DS) Link

   2/3A & 2/3S class Governor (BA & RS)

Mrs R Savage (Vice Chair)

(Parent Governor 1)

Human Resources
  1. English (NH) Link
  2. Data & Pupil Progress (NH/SC) Link
  3. Pay Review Appeal Committee

Year 6 class Governor (NH)


Mr N Phillips

(Community 3)

Building, Maintenance, Plumbing
  1. Science (RS) Link
  2. P.E. (PR)   Link 
  3. All Staff Performance management – Pay Review Committee

Year 1 class Governor (KW)

Mr J Vedder

(Parent Governor 2)

Chartered Accountant
  1. Maths (BA) Link
  2. P.E. (PR)   Link
  3. Pay Review Appeal Committee

4/5K class Governor (DK)

Mrs L Hempshall

(Community 4)

Local Council, Fundraising, Community Voice
  1. Stakeholder engagement (surveys) Link

F2/1C & F2Y1S class Governor (SC/DS)

Mr M Marsh

(Community 5)

Project Management
  1. SEND (KB/CE) Link

4/5N class Governor (MN)

Mrs S McBride (Headteacher/Staff)

(Governor 1)

Education; Leadership; Strategic Planning and Improvement

  1. Designated Safeguarding Lead

  2. Strategic leadership/school improvement

Mr N Harris (Assistant Headteacher/Staff)

(Governor 2)

Education; English Curriculum

Attainment and Progress Lead

  1. Data (attainment and Progress) Champion
  2. English Champion
  3. Pay Review Appeal Committee

Mr D Kent (Staff)

(Governor 3)

Education; Computing Curriculum

Miss V Parkin


(Governor 4)

Education; (1:1 SEND)

1. Fundraising Governor

2. Transition (SC) Key Stage One to Two  Link 

3. Health AND Safety  (RG/SMcB/JA) Governor

4/5B class Governor (KB)


(Parent Governor 2)




(Co-opted 4)



Staff Disciplinary Arrangements

Headteacher and two Governors