Daisy Chain Nursery


Here at Daisy Chain Nursery we understand the value of children learning through play. In the setting we offer a variety of meaningful play opportunities that are based around current interests of the children.

Children learn best by being active- by engaging with people, materials events and ideas in ways that are direct, immediate and meaningful to them. Every aspect of our nursery life supports active learning.

Children have a natural desire to learn we recognise and support this. It encourages children to use their initiative, to plan and to develop their own strengths and interests. The Plan-Do-Review process gives children the opportunity to create and express their intentions, to generate their own learning experiences and to reflect those experiences.

To become confident, independent learners children need consistency. Daisy Chain provides this through daily routine, the organisation of the learning environment and in ways that adults interact with children.

Children achieve more when they feel happy and secure. The staff bring genuine warmth and trust to their relationship with the children also respect and value each child’s personal and cultural identity.

Building a strong partnership with parents, our staff recognise that parent and practitioners need to form authentic relationships and share their unique knowledge and experience with one another to support children’s learning and well-being.

The Nursery Team is led by Owner’s Bethany Millar and Helen Key, supported by the Nursery Manager Rebecca Moore, Tanya Takac our Care Play and Learning Manager, Jody Stephenson our nursery nurse and our apprentice Gabrielle Williams. All staff have relevant experience, training and qualifications in Early Childcare and Education alongside First Aid and Child Protection training.

The Nursery is open from 8.30am through to 11:30am.

Parents and carers are required to sign their children in and out of Nursery. The signing in book is located in the cloakroom area of nursery.

Once you enter the nursery room for the safety of the children please wait behind the gate in the cloak room area.

If a named person is to collect your child we will ask for a password which is personal to you, we will ask you to provide a password on your child’s first day.

At Daisy Chain nursery we do have lots of exploration and messy play so therefore would advise that children do not wear expensive or designer clothing.

We believe there is no such thing as inappropriate weather, only inappropriate clothing- so we would ask for wellington boots and water proof coats in wet weather, coats in colder weather and hats and sun cream in hot weather.

We have a large outdoor space which children are free to access throughout the session, we do ask that children have a pair of indoor shoes or slippers whilst in nursery.

We believe that children at Daisy Chain Nursery learn to make healthy choices through opportunities to be active and by having access to healthy snacks.

During snack times children are able to choose a variety of fruit and vegetables milk is provided. Water is always available if children become thirsty: children have their own beaker cups which they can access at any time in the session.

Daisy Chain Nursery would like to help children prepare for a healthy lifestyle and also for their time in reception class.

Here at Daisy Chain Nursery we strive to achieve and environment that is one of the highest quality whilst maintaining a homely and natural essence. This is reflected in all areas within the nursery room from the cosy reading area to the home.

Throughout the setting resources are independently accessible by all children to support them in becoming active learners, making their own choices, solving problems and creating long lasting relationships with their peers.

As a team we constantly strive towards excellence by creating caring, free ad exciting nursery, we look forward to welcoming you and your child into our family.

Our door is always open and welcomes parent’s comments and suggestions please feel free to contact the nursery Manager, Rebecca, by phone or e-mail for further details or to arrange a visit.


Tel: 07506753305