Curriculum Maps

Please use the links below to access each classes Curriculum Maps for this term.

  Nursery Curriculum map autumn 2018.pdf                    Curriculum Map Autumn 2018-F2&F2/1T-.pdf


              curriculum map Y1-2 Autumn 2018.pdf                Curriculum Map Y2 Aut 2018.pdf             


Autumn Term Curriculum Map year 3 - 2018.pdf                           Curriculum map - Y4-5 Autumn 18.pdf


Curriculum map Year 6 - Autumn 18.pdf



Phonics and Reading 










Physical Education

:Invasion Games


This term will see both key stage 1 & 2 complete a term of invasion games. The aim of this terms objective is to allow the children to understand the simple tactics of invasion games therefore enabling the children to select the appropriate skills across a multitude of games and activities.

Definition of a invasion game:

A game in which a team:

  • Needs to ‘invade’ the territory of their opponents in order to score
  • Attempts to prevent the invasion of their own territory
  • Tries to maintain possession of the ball
Basic tactics


  • Forward positioning
  • Early release of pass
  • Slow and fast breaks
  • Support play
  • Timing forward runs
  • Creating space


  • Loose or tight marking
  • Cover and support
  • Re-grouping

Possession play

  • Creating space for the pass
  • Signalling
  • Timing and placing the pass

Examples of conventional invasion games

  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Netball
  • Handball

 Please use the links below for further PE information:

Invasion game medium term plan.pdf

KS1 PE curriculum map Evasion games.pdf

Expectations KS1 evasion games.pdf

Invasion Game checklist.pdf


Key Stage 1 & 2 PE Curriculum 2017/2018


Religious Education

At Castle Hills we follow the local authority Syllabus for Religious Education and use the Discovery RE scheme of work that is mapped and matches the agreed syllabus.

Please use the links below to access each year groups medium term plans for RE.


01 Discovery RE Intro and Overview.pdf

02 Discovery RE F1-2.pdf

03 Discovery RE Yr 1.pdf

04 Discovery RE Yr 2.pdf

05 Discovery RE Yr 3.pdf

06 Discovery RE Yr 4.pdf

07 Discovery RE Yr 5.pdf

08 Discovery RE Yr 6.pdf