Class 3/4B


Hi Everyone

Hope you are all doing well and managing to read daily, practice your times tables and complete some learning tasks, as well as getting some fresh air and exercise.

Here is another set of activities for you to complete if you are running low on learning.

Only complete the maths activities for your year group and feel free to have a go at everything else.

We are thinking about you all. Stay safe.





Make 3-digit numbers by choosing random numbers and complete some examples.

When you are confident try 4-digit numbers or write/Google some word problems to solve.

Grid multiplication

Expanded column subtraction






You can use your yellow book to practice maths, write sentences and record answers to the ‘Once Upon a Picture’ questions (



Plurals – Adding -ves

Plurals – Adding – es

Plurals – Adding –ies


This is a great resource to support reading and comprehension:

Choose a picture from any of the collections - look at the picture and use it as a discussion prompt. Then you can answer the questions in full sentences.