Class F2K


End the day with a story!

'Staying Home' by Sally Nicholls inspired by her experiences over the Lock-down with COVID-19

A story about a family of Raccoons and how they cope with the Lockdown



 Resources to support Phonics can be found at:

 Jolly Phonics in the correct order with actions at:



  • Keep reading to your child everyday – ask them questions about what they have read. Have a look at the bookmark questions we sent out a month ago, this will help you with the type of questions to ask.
  • Using Traditional Stories, such as the Three Billy Goats Gruff. Ask your child to act out parts of the story to other members of the family.




  • Practice writing CVC words. Say a word, such as peg, your child will then independently write the word using their sound knowledge. Try a harder word which uses a digraph (two letters that make one sound), for example chip.
  • Ask your child to look out of the window, what can they see? Your child has to say a sentence out loud to you and then write the sentence using their sound knowledge. Do not worry about spellings at this stage.
  • Ask your child to draw a picture. They can label their picture and/or write sentences to match their picture.
  • Write a card to their friends or family members. 





  • Count how many steps there are from the back door to the end of your garden, for example 46. What is one more than 46? What is one less? How would I write the number 46?
  • Can you find me anything around the house that is a circle shape? (or any other 2D shape
  • Cook with your child, ask them to read the scales on the weighing scales. What is heavy? What is light?




  • In the bath, what items can float? What sinks?
  • Using toy cars, can your child make a ramp. Does the car go faster or slower? How else can you make the car go faster? Can you make it go slower?
  • When baking or cooking, can your child tell you about the changes that are happening to the food and/or ingredients?
  • Go into the Garden and go on a minibeast hunt. What did you find? Can you go on the internet and find out more information?



  • Ride their bikes/scooters (following Government guidance)
  • Get undressed and dressed on their own.
  • Look after their own health and hygiene as much as possible.



  • Paint or draw a picture
  • Create their own mystical creature
  • Design their own monster
  • Make a nature picture using items they find in the garden – email me a picture of their art work.
  • Using pots and pans, can your child create their own song?
  • Put music on and ask your child to create their own dance.
  • Play with their toys using language and talking
  • Can they make a form of transport using construction equipment such as lego?
  • Can they make a house for their dolls or animals? 





 Please take the time to open the links below to follow our Curriculum and English and Maths PDFs to support your child at home with.

         EYFS CURRICULUM EXPLAINED.docx        F2 Curriculum map spring term 2020.pdf

                                                            info booklet F2        



tricky word flash cards.pdf             snakes and ladders.pdf                shape dominoes.pdf                     outdoor maths.pdf                      number cards.pdf

           MiniJollyPhonicsFlashcards.pdf              letter trace book.pdf                   large dice template.pdf                  game counters.pdf                                  

                                          100 high frequency words.pdf                           games for supporting your child at home with mathematics.pdf

Foundation Stage transition-policy.pdf



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K Hodgson(less than a year ago)

Really enjoyed today’s craft afternoon, the kids all seemed to have fun and there was plenty of activities! Looking forward to the next one!

Leeanne Bircumshaw(less than a year ago)

Absolutely loved today's Halloween family activities. It was nice to see how much my little Leo's come on since starting His new class. All kids seemed to enjoyed the activities.

Gemma (Charlotte's mummy)(a couple of years ago)

Teachers are very pleasant, make you feel welcome and supportive. Charlotte has settled into this class lovely. She really has progressed amazing. Over the moon with how quickly she is learning things. Constantly seeing the results each day. Thank you so much!!

Charlie Taylor's Grandad(a few years ago)

Charlie enjoyed the library visit and has asked if he can go again. I really enjoyed the visit as well and as always it's a pleasure to take part in Charlie's school activities keep up the great work thank you

Kerri-ann (Paiges mummy)(a few years ago)

The circus looked amazing. I heard all about it from Paige, she really enjoyed it. Keep on having fun and working hard you fabulous little people.

Kerri -ann (Paige's mummy)(a few years ago)

Great pics!! looks like you all had a brilliant time at Sundown, wish I could have gone! The craft morning/afternoons were fantastic, really enjoyed getting involved. A huge well done to all pupils and teachers on everything you have done so far, like the bike ride and christmas productions. Excited to see what you have for us in 2016.

Charlie Taylors Grandad(a few years ago)

Looks like you all enjoyed the trip. Keep up the great work, our Charlie has really come on since he's been in your class, really appreciate everything your all doing for him