List of Staff

Head Teacher

Mrs S McBride


Acting Deputy Head Teacher

Mr N Harris (Y6)


Assistant Head Teacher

Mr N Harris (6H)      


Teaching staff

Ms K Brown (3/4B)

Mr T Hargraves (1/2H)

Mrs C Hodgson (F1)

Mr D Kent (3/4K)

Mrs N Kent (F2K)

Mr M Newsham (5N)

Mrs D Snaith (Y2S)

Miss Tims (F2/Y1T)

Mr P Rossi (Physical Education Specialist)




Office Staff

Mrs R Green (Business Manager) 

Mrs S Thompson (Office Administrator)

Mrs A Bradbury (Admin Assistant)

Family and Parent Support Worker

Mrs D Jobes

Inclusion Team

Mrs D Poultney



Mrs C Mjadzelics

Mrs Bennett 


Learning Support Staff & 1-1 provision

Mrs Z Bradley (1-1)

Mrs C Chambers (1-1)

Miss A Cragg (1-1)

Miss T Dunn (1-1)

Mrs K Gurnill (Nursery Nurse)

Miss L Harris (1-1)

Miss E Harmer (1-1)

Mrs S Hoyland (1-1)

Miss M Irvine (1-1)

Mrs A Jackson

Mrs T King

Mrs W Knapton

Mrs L Laver (1-1)

Mrs K Parkinson

Mrs V Parkin 

Miss E Petty

Miss L Piper (1-1)

Mrs S Shillito

Mrs J Shotton (1-1)

Miss R Smith (1-1) 

Mrs G Sneath

Mrs S Speedie 

Miss B Steele (1-1)

Miss C Stephenson (1-1)

Miss J Sowerby (1-1)

Mrs C Szabo (1-1)




Site Manager

Mr P Jackson


Breakfast Club Staff

Mrs L Stanley

Mrs S Shillito

Mrs A Straw

Mrs A Jackson



Mr Jackson

Mrs Doy

Mrs Mordue

Mrs Ward


Lunchtime Staff

Mrs Laver (Senior)

Mrs N Arthur

Mrs J Chambers

Mrs L Clark

Miss A Cragg

Miss T Dunn

Mrs E Harmer

Miis L Harris

Mrs W Knapton

Mrs N Lister

Miss K Parkinson

Mrs C Parnham

Miss L Piper

Mrs  B Jackson

Mrs J Shotton

Mrs R Smith

Miss C Stevenson

Miss B Steel

Mrs Steelyard

Miss J Sowerby

Mrs C Szabo


Cleaning Team

Mrs D Craig

Mrs M Skardon

Mrs L Joynes

Miss K Joynes

Mrs J Stoker

Mrs S Hall

Kitchen Team

Mrs L Todd

Mrs S Lewis

Mrs K Smith

Mrs T Colclough

Mrs R McFarlane